One of the convenient features when booking your flight through an airline's website is being able to choose your seat. Reserving a seat through an online ticketing system saves you the time and hassle of being assigned a random seat when you check in for your flight. If traveling with children, seat reservations also ensure you travel together. Like many other airlines, United provides a seat reservation map that -- with the click of a button -- allows you to select whether you want business class or coach, front of the plane or back and window or aisle seating.

Open your Internet browser and go to United's website at At the left-hand side of the screen, enter your trip details including departure and arrival cities and dates. You'll also need to enter how many adults and children will be flying and whether you want to fly coach, business or first class. Click "Search" when you've entered your information.

Wait for your flight options to load. Select your preferred departure flight. If you are making a round trip flight, select your preferred return trip flight once the next page loads.

Confirm your flight selections on the next page. Scroll to the bottom of the page. If you're a Mileage Plus member, enter your Mileage Plus number or username and your PIN. If you're not a Mileage Plus member, leave the Account Sign-In section blank. Click on the "Continue to traveler information" button at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the information requested on the next page for each person traveling. You are required to enter the type of ID you will use when checking in at the airport such as "driver's license" or "passport." Under each passenger, select whether that traveler prefers a window or aisle seat.

Verify that all the passenger information you entered is correct. Click on the "Continue to select seats" button.

Wait for the seat map to load. You may select any seat that isn't grey. White seats have no extra charge, but blue and orange seats will cost extra. If you hover your cursor over the seats, a box will come up to show you the seat number and any additional fees for that seat. Choose the seat for the first passenger by clicking on a seat.

Choose seats for any additional passengers. Once you select a seat, the selector automatically goes to the next traveler. Once you've selected seats for all the passengers in your group, click on the "Next Flight" button and select seats for any connecting flights and for your return trip. Once you've made all your seat choices, click the "Continue" button.

Verify all your flight details on the next page. Enter the email address where you want your ticket confirmation to be sent.

Select how you will pay for the flight. Complete your payment information and then click the "I agree - Continue to Purchase" button. The next page will bring up your payment confirmation and reservation number. Print this page for your records.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Credit or debit card

  • Printer


Book early for the best selection of seats. If you want to change your seat assignment after you've booked your flights, go to United Airlines' website and enter your reservation number. You can then go to your seat reservations and make new selections. In some cases, all the free seating (the white boxes) will be taken for a flight. In this case, you can either select a seat that has a fee or not make any seat choice and wait for a seat reservation when you check in.


Always verify any information you enter. If you need to correct something like a misspelled name, you may be charged for the ticket change. If flying internationally, your passport must be valid for six months beyond your return date. If your passport expiration date is less than six months before your return date, you can be denied boarding.