Whether you've booked a Frontier flight directly from Frontier Airlines or through a third party, confirming the reservation ensures that it actually went through as planned. Confirming on Frontier's website also gives you the chance to double check the details, ensuring that your itinerary, seat selection and baggage options are exactly as you've selected.

Locating the Confirmation Code

If you've booked a Frontier flight directly through Frontier Airlines, the company sends a confirmation email that contains your flight information and a confirmation code. The confirmation code also comes in handy if you need to change or cancel a flight. Frontier confirmation codes contain a combination of six letters and digits. Any emails received from Frontier about your flight clearly list its a confirmation code along with the travel date, so there's no confusion.

Dealing with Third-Party Bookings

If your Frontier Airlines flight was booked through a third party such as Travelocity, Orbitz or Priceline, your flight confirmation email will be handled through the third-party website. Look for an email from the relevant third-party booking website, then seek out the part of the email that shows the flight details. In most cases, the confirmation code will be next to or beneath the name Frontier. The confirmation code is a combination of six letters and numbers.

Third-party websites also use their own itinerary numbers or booking codes. These can be used to look up, confirm or change your flight information on the same third-party website. Frontier Airlines does not recognize these third-party codes. To confirm your itinerary via the third-party site, log in or select the "my trips" option on the site you used to book the Frontier flight.

Confirm Your Flight Online

The easiest way to confirm your flight reservation is to look it up on the Frontier Airlines website, FlyFrontier.com. Select the "manage travel" option near the top of the page, then select the "my trip" option to review your booked flights. Enter your last name and the Frontier confirmation code to view details about all flights booked under the same reservation. The page offers links to print the confirmation or to resend the itinerary via email. This same page also allows you to pay for baggage or choose a seat.

Why You Should Reconfirm

Even if you confirmed your flight reservation the day you booked it, confirming it again before your trip helps ensure nothing has changed. Airlines sometimes change flight schedules and may not necessarily send the new flight information on time. Reconfirm your flight several days before your trip, checking the flight times and dates once again.

Checking in for your flight within the 24 hours before takeoff also offers assurance that you are still booked for the flight and that the plane is set to leave on schedule. Check in online by selecting the "manage travel" option, then selecting "online check-in" from the drop-down menu.