Various major airlines give travelers the ability to simplify the airfare purchasing process by the way of an e-ticket. This type of ticket can be purchased directly through the airline's website or through a third party traveling site such as Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity. The advantage of purchasing e-tickets is that you can research various websites from the comfort of your home to get the best possible deal. Once you have purchased your e-ticket, confirming your flight is a simple task.

Step 1.

Log in to the email you provided when getting the e-ticket. Once you purchase an e-ticket through an airline, travel agency or through a traveling website the e-ticket is sent to you via email. With an e-ticket you don't have to confirm your flight with the airline because the company that you got the e-ticket from does that for you automatically; however, you must confirm that the information on the e-ticket is accurate.

Step 2.

Review your trip details. For instance, confirm that the passenger name displayed on the ticket matches your name and confirm that the itinerary is correct.

Step 3.

Print the email (e-ticket) so you have your boarding pass reference code, the e-ticket number, your trip ID and the payment information. You will need to use the reference code to check in online or at the airport. This will also serve as proof of travel at the airport.

Step 4.

Log in to the website that you bought the e-ticket from to check in online. The log in information is the username and password you created when purchasing the e-ticket. Some airlines enable you to check in online so you can print your boarding pass, plus you may even be able to select your seat ahead of time. Once you are finished confirming your e-ticket you must simply show up at the airport on time. If you didn't print your boarding pass from the Internet, you can use a self-serve kiosk at the airport, or you can use the airline check-in counter.


Don't forget to bring a government issued ID (drivers license, passport) to the airport. bring the credit card you used to purchase the e-ticket. Some airlines will ask for the credit card you used to confirm the payment information displayed on your e-ticket.