Malaysia Airlines is the state-owned airline of Malaysia, with its hub at Kuala Lumpur. It is not only a useful airline for travel to or between Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, but also an important airline for regional travelers and for those who appreciate quality service for business and first-class seats. Malaysia Airlines is a thoroughly modern airline and offers its customers e-tickets, which can be confirmed either online or by telephone.

Examine your e-ticket, either in its email or print-out form. Below the passenger's name is a short list of references, including a booking reference number and a longer online booking reference number. Take note of both.

Visit the Malaysia Airlines website ( and click the "Manage" button on the top toolbar. This leads to a page called "View Booking."

Enter the online booking reference number and your name in the text boxes for "View booking as Guest," which is the second option on the page, and click "View." Alternately, you can log in to your Malaysia Airlines account if you have one.

Examine the information provided to confirm that your e-ticket is valid, as well as information such as flight number, departure time and arrival time.

Contact Malaysia Airlines by telephone at 011-603-7843-3000 (outside Malaysia) or 1-300-88-3000 (within Malaysia) if for some reason you are unable to confirm your e-ticket online. You will need your shorter booking reference number. If the Malaysia Airlines website cannot confirm your e-ticket, it might be a transactional error or merely a technical glitch, but either way you must address the problem with a customer-service representative.


You should print out your e-ticket as soon as possible, so you have a print reference handy if you cannot review the information in your e-mail account.