Although every airline tries to keep passenger luggage on the same plane as the owner, the system can break down and gaps do occur. It is Lufthansa's policy to compensate travelers, at least partially, when items are delayed and the passenger has to buy replacement items. Although this will not bring your bags back any sooner, it can be a comfort in desperate times. In the meantime, report your claim at the airport and wait for what can sometimes be a long process to reclaim your bag.

Go to the nearest Lufthansa information or baggage desk to report your missing bag immediately upon arrival of your Lufthansa flight.

Provide the Lufthansa agent with your name, contact details and a description of the bag, as well as the baggage claim ticket number you were given when you checked the bag at the beginning of your journey.

Keep the written confirmation, which includes a file reference number, given to you by the Lufthansa representative.

Check the progress of your delayed bag by calling the Lufthansa baggage center at your arrival airport with the file reference number. Alternately, you can track your bag online with the file reference number by going to Lufthansa's baggage tracking website (

Write down a detailed list of your bag's contents and submit it to Lufthansa if the airline has not found your bag within five days. This will allow a more comprehensive search procedure to begin.

Supply the Lufthansa representative with an address to which the airline can deliver your bag upon its recovery.