Air Canada, Canada’s largest full-service airline, now offers web check-in for most passengers. This service allows passengers to check in and print their own boarding passes without having to go through an agent at an Air Canada counter. Passengers can use web check-in from 24 hours before their departure time up to 30 minutes before departure for flights within Canada or one hour before flights to U.S. or international destinations. Web check-in is available with paper or electronic tickets for all Canadian flights and many international flights, but only electronic tickets can be used for web check-in for flights to the U.S.


Go to the Air Canada website.

Click on “Manage My Bookings.”

Click on “Check in...” This will bring you to the Air Canada online check-in page.

In the spaces provided, fill in your first and last names and departure city along with either your Aeroplan number, the credit card number that was used to book your ticket or booking reference number. You can also choose your seat number and declare any bags that you wish to check.

Once you have confirmed that your information is correct, print your boarding pass.

At the Airport

Locate an Air Canada self-service kiosk at the airport. These kiosks are located near the Air Canada counter at the airport. You can use a self-service kiosk within 12 hours of your flight’s departure.

Access your flight information from the kiosk. You can choose to get to your flight information by entering your booking reference number or Aeroplan number, inserting your Aeroplan or credit card or scanning the bar code on your itinerary receipt.

Follow the instructions on the screen to print your boarding pass. You can also declare any bags your need to check and print your baggage tags.