Part of the stress of air travel is getting to the airport with ample time for the long queues at check-in and the rigorous, slow security procedures. Because of so many variables at the airport, many passengers find it more convenient to check in and print their boarding passes at home. Delta now offers this option for international passengers traveling between locations for which a visa is not required. Whether checking in online or at the airport, though, passports are always required.

At the Airport

Arrive at the airport two or three hours before an international departure. Delta closes international check in counters 60 minutes prior to departure.

Find the Delta check-in area at the appropriate terminal. Read terminal signs to find out which airlines are served by which terminal. Most airports have transportation between terminals, so don't worry if you are not dropped off at the correct terminal.

Join the line for your boarding class. Economy check-in forms one line, while business, first class and elite SkyMiles members form another queue.

Use the self check-in kiosks or wait for an available desk clerk to check in.

Show your passport to the desk personnel or swipe it through the machine for self check-in.

Confirm your flights and request a new seat assignment, if desired, from the kiosk or with the agent.

Drop your checked-in bags at the desk and collect the claim check stubs for them.

Collect your tickets and proceed to the security checkpoint, where you will need to show your tickets and your passport.


Go to and click on "Itineraries and Check-In" to find the online check-in link.

Enter your confirmation number, SkyMiles number, credit card number or eTicket number to access the check-in page.

Enter your passport number and its expiration date to continue the international check-in process.

Change your seat assignment, if necessary and choose the number of bags you would like to check.

Print your boarding passes from the website, or choose the "print later" option to print them at another time, or when you are at the airport.

Arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure to allow time for security checks.

Drop your checked-in bags at the desk marked "Baggage Drop" near the Delta check-in desk.