With airport security lines growing longer all the time, many passengers long for time-saving measures. Before you take that next vacation or jet off on an important business trip with United Airlines, opt to print out your E-Tickets so you don’t have to check-in at the kiosk and go through the whole check-in process, rushing to make your departure time. Having your boarding pass on your mobile device ready eliminates hassle at the airport and gives you the added benefit of selecting your seats, as well as saving money on baggage fees.

1. Visit United

Visit the website for United Airlines (united.com) 24 hours prior to your flight. On the main page of the website, select the “Check-in” tab to view your airline ticket. Whether you have booked your trip online or over the phone with a credit card, you will be provided with a confirmation number or E-Ticket number.

2. Confirmation Number

Enter your confirmation or E-Ticket number into the appropriate field on the airline’s website. Entering your last name in the check-in tab will also ensure a quick response time to give you access to your electronic ticket.

3. Print or Save to Wallet

Review and print your itinerary. There will be a “print” button on the United Airlines page, but you can also print from the dropdown menu on your internet browser.

Ensure your printed E-Ticket shows all the appropriate information including your name, flight number and barcode. Without the barcode, your ticket will be invalid.


If you have requested certain upgrades, will travel with an infant or have made special service requests in your reservation, you may not be able to use United Airline's E-Ticket function.

Online check-in closes 45 minutes before domestic flights and about an hour before international flights. Plan accordingly to have computer and printer access at your disposal if you plan to print out a paper ticket to show at the ticket counter. If you just plan to have a mobile boarding pass, make sure to have your mileage plus account logged into on your phone to show your United ticket at the security checkpoint.