The American Airlines AAdvantage program membership lets you accumulate mileage that you can redeem for airline tickets. The airline’s frequent-flier program allows you to register for secure online access to your mileage account. When you are ready to use your miles, choose a ticketing option that fits your travel schedule and your mileage balance.

Award Request

Log in to the site by entering your AAdvantage membership number and password.

Select “Redeem Miles” in the “AAdvantage” menu at the top of the page.

Select “Book Now” to search for flights and see the number of miles required for redemption.

Choose a “One-way," “Round-trip” or Multi-city” flight by clicking the button next to the option you want.

Type the name of your departure city or airport code and the destination city or code in the boxes under “Where Do You Want to Go?”

Chose “Dates Flexible” or “Exact Dates” by clicking the button in the “When Do You Want to Go?” box.

Find and select your departure date and the return date for round-trip flights by clicking the inverted pyramid next to each box to reveal your options in the “When Do You Want to Go?” box. Select a time, if desired, for each flight leg.

Press the inverted pyramid next to the correct boxes in “Number of Passengers” to choose the number of adult, senior, young adult, children or infant passengers.

Indicate your preferred class of service for the itinerary by opening the drop-down box in “Select Your Class of Service." Business and first class award flights require more miles than coach class.

Choose the type of mileage award you want to redeem for your flight. The MilesAAver award requires fewer miles than the AAnytime award, but it has fewer flight options.

Click the “Go” button at the bottom of the form when you have finished making your choices.

Choose Flights

Review the award redemption choices for your flight dates. The website displays the number of miles you must redeem for your departure date, along with the miles required for other classes of service. If you selected flexible dates, you will also see mileage needed for additional dates.

Click the box that matches your preferred award level for your departure date.

Scroll down to review the award levels for your return date and choose your flight.

Press “Continue” to see the available award flight times for each leg.

Redeem Award

Select your departure flight by clicking on the button that displays the required mileage in the flight option box that has your preferred time and date.

Choose your return time and date by clicking on the mileage displayed in the box with the date and flight time you want.

Review your choices, then press “Continue” to see your award redemption fees and taxes.

Complete all required information in the “Passenger Information” box and press “Continue."

Click “Purchase” on the “Summary” page to see payment options for your award redemption.


If you are an AAdvantage member, but you don’t have a website access password, request one for an existing account by choosing “Join Now” and “Request password." You can also select “Hold” to reserve your award redemption for 72 hours.


Award fees increase when your redemption date is close to your travel date.