Created by a group of airlines, the International Air Transportation Association is an organization that provides accreditation to travel agents and international and domestic travel agencies. According to the IATA, the organization represents over 230 airlines that make up approximately 93 percent of international air traffic around the world. If you want to verify the credibility of your travel agent, you can check using the IATA number associated with her.

Go online to view the IATA check-a-code Web page.

Type in the agent's unique verification or personnel registration number. The verification number should be10 digits and the personnel number is six digits. Only a United States travel agent should have a personnel registration number. Agent verification and personnel registration numbers are on each IATA identification card and are unique to each travel agent. The agency number code for each agency is also printed on the IATA card.

Click on the "Validate" button located to the right of the text box to begin the IATA check-a-code free service. If you are checking an IATA identification card, the agent's full name and agency class will be displayed. If you are checking an agency numeric code, the agency name and country will be displayed. To receive a full report of agency name, country, class, site type, business address, phone number and approval date, you must purchase a professional check-a-code subscription.