Things You Will Need
  • Delta SkyMiles account number

  • Hilton Honor Points account number

  • Credit or debit card

Many airlines and hotels have frequent-flier programs for their customers. Programs such as Delta SkyMiles allow customers to collect miles from all of their flights. These miles then build up and can be redeemed in the form of awards. Miles also can be transferred to another member's account or to a different program, such as Hilton Honor Points, in which customers collect points for their stays at Hilton Hotels. Although Delta does not allow for this transfer directly on its website, it is easy for customers to transfer their miles for points.

Step 1.

Go online to check the number of SkyMiles you have accumulated so that you can get a sense of how many Hilton Honor Points you may earn. For every 5,000 Delta SkyMiles transferred, you receive 10,000 Hilton Honor Points.

Step 2.

Have your Delta SkyMiles and Hilton Honor Points account numbers and PIN numbers, as well as a credit card because fees apply during this transaction. Note that you will be required to pay a transaction fee of $30, with additional applicable taxes or fees.

Step 3.

Contact the Delta SkyMiles customer service center by e-mail or through a form available on its website. Or call Delta SkyMiles at 800-323-2323 to speak to a representative. Contact the service center by mail at this address if you are in the United States:

Delta Air Lines Inc. SkyMiles Service Center, Dept. 654 P.O. Box 20532 Atlanta, GA 30320-2532

Step 4.

Check online to see whether the transaction was completed successfully. You might need to wait at least 24 hours for it to be completed. You could be contacted for additional information.


Remember to include any applicable account numbers and PINs when contacting Delta SkyMiles by mail, telephone or e-mail for faster and easier service. Remember that miles are nonrefundable once they are converted to Hilton Honor points. You may also use SkyMiles Marketplace to redeem any earned SkyMiles for things such as hotel stays at Hilton hotels.