Toll free numbers in Mexico are only free within Mexico itself. International long distance charges apply when dialing a Mexican toll free number from the United States or canada on a cell phone or landline. There’s no guarantee that the person answering the international call will speak English. Most Mexican businesses that cater to people from the States offer us toll free numbers with English speaking business phone operators or other alternatives for business calls.

Dial 011-52 plus the 800 number as a prefix. The mexico country code is 52, and 011 is the exit code to dial anywhere outside of the usa. Different areas of Mexico have different area codes such as Cancun,guadalajara, mexico city, oaxaca, acapulco, Puerto vallarta, monterrey, and Cabo san lucas. The call may or may not go through depending on your internet connection. International long distance charges and calling rates apply if you don’t have them in your calling plan. You can also ask an international operator from your phone service to place the call, for an additional charge.

Purchase a pre-paid phone card or sms card. Gas stations, stationery stores, grocery stores, drugstores and supermarkets in the U.S. often sell pre-paid phone cards for calling Mexico. A $10 phone card gives approximately two hours of airtime. Activate the phone card and dial the toll free number using the 011-52 system. Time is deducted with each call, and there's no guarantee of a successful connection.

Check with the Mexican company or business to see if it has either a U.S. phone number or a local Mexican phone number. Dial 011-52 plus the local phone number. Airlines, hotels, major business and companies in Mexico generally have at least a local number or a U.S. number.

Send an email or skype instead of phone call. All you need is wifi and an iphone.

Do not give any personal information if you don’t speak and understand Spanish well. Ask someone who speaks Spanish to help you with the call.