Making international calls is a lot easier than it used to be. AT&T international call rates also make it a lot more affordable. With plans that allow calling to Canada from the USA, as well as prepaid cards and international packages, it's never been simpler to communicate with your loved ones who are living or traveling abroad.


AT&T international calling instructions are simple. By setting up AT&T World Connect or adding an international package to your prepaid plan, you can be making calls abroad within minutes.

AT&T World Connect for Current Customers

Have friends and family in Mexico? Calling Canada from the USA? AT&T World Connect allows for unlimited calls from the United States to both countries, as well as unlimited calls to wireless numbers in 36 countries and landline numbers in 70 countries. With two packages to choose from – AT&T World Connect Advantage or AT&T World Connect Value – current customers can add international calling options to their plan. The best part? AT&T international call rates are affordable and only a few extra dollars a month.

If you prefer to send text messages, there’s a plan for that, too. With AT&T World Connect, current customers can also send unlimited texts to more than 120 countries abroad. For countries not included in the unlimited plans, discounted calls and text messaging rates are available to more than 155 international locations. An online chart on the AT&T website makes it easy to find out the cost per minute for each country. To add AT&T World Connect to your plan, visit the store, call customer service or log on to your account.

International Calls for AT&T Prepaid Customers

For customers already on an AT&T prepaid plan, you have two options for making international calls. If you are calling Canada from the USA, there are prepaid plans that already include unlimited U.S. to Canada calls and texts. Same goes for Mexico. Otherwise, prepaid customers can buy international minutes as an addition to their plan. Certain cards, like one for calling East Asia and India, are region-specific. Shop for these cards online or in-store.

AT&T International Calling Instructions

Once your AT&T World Connect or prepaid calling plan is activated, you can begin making calls, and AT&T international calling instructions are fairly straightforward. To dial or send a text message to someone abroad, dial: + (country code) (local number). For example, to call your sister who lives in France, you would dial +33 followed by the local number in France. A comprehensive list of country codes can be found online. For calls and texts to Canada and or the Caribbean, dial: 1 (area code) (local number).