For SkyMiles members, it is easy to track miles. Miles can be earned by flying Delta or its affiliates, spending money with partner programs, buying them or receiving them as gifts. The easiest way to determine how many miles you have is to check your balance online at, but you can also calculate them manually.

How to Calculate SkyMiles

Step 1.

Total the points earned on each flight you've taken on Delta, Delta Shuttle or Delta Connection in coach or economy class. If it was a discounted flight, add the number of miles flown or 500, whichever is greater. If it was in Y, B or M class, multiply the number of miles flown by 1.5. For example, if the flight was 400 miles, multiply 400 by 1.5 and get 600. That flight would add 600 SkyMiles. Your ticket class can be found in the center of the ticket to the left of the date.

Step 2.

For flights in BusinessElite, Business Class and First Class, multiply the miles flown by 1.5.

Step 3.

Total the miles earned with partner benefits by looking up their value on the SkyMiles website: For example, if you became a new Netflix member as a SkyMiles member, you would earn 1500 miles.

Step 4.

Add the number of miles you have earned by transferring points from other rewards programs. For example, if you transferred 10,000 points from the Hilton HHonors program, you would add 1000 miles. A complete listing of affiliate programs can be found at

Step 5.

Add the number of miles you have purchased or have received as gifts.

Step 6.

Add your miles from flights, partners, purchases and gifts. This is your total number of rewards miles.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer with Internet access

  • Delta SkyMiles Account


Identify yourself as a SkyMiles member when participating in partner programs to get credit.


You must have some activity on your account--such as earning miles, redeeming miles or participating in a partner program--at least once in two years or your miles will expire.