It happens all the time. In the bustle to get your flights booked, get packed and get on the road, you forget to add your latest flight to your frequent flyer account. Lucky for you, if that trip is on Delta Air Lines, you have nine months to submit your request for a credit for the miles you've already traveled. In fact, even if you hadn't yet enrolled when you took the trip, you can earn credit for those SkyMiles, so long as you kept the ticket.

1. Get your SkyMiles number

Obtain your SkyMiles number from your records. If you've forgotten the number or you misplaced your SkyMiles card and you have a valid email address associated with your account, use Delta's "Forgot your SkyMiles Number?" web page to retrieve it. If you don't have an email, call Delta's Customer Service.

2. Gather your ticket or flight confirmation number

Gather your ticket or retrieve your e-confirmation for the flight you want credit for.

3. Now fill out the correct form

Navigate to Delta's "Airline Mileage Credit Request Form" web page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter in your SkyMiles number and your ticket number, then click "Submit." If the system recognizes your entries, your request will be processed and should appear on your SkyMiles account summary in 24 hours, in most cases.


If you don't already have a SkyMiles account but have recently taken a flight, you can still sign up for SkyMiles and get the credit -- so long as your flight was no longer than 30 days prior to the date you signed up for SkyMiles. Use Delta's "Join SkyMiles" page to get started, then follow the steps above to add your flight to your account.