United Airlines provides multiple options for changing an existing air travel reservation, including requesting a refund, switching to a different United flight leaving in the next three hours on the same day as your original reservation or changing your reservation to an entirely different time or location. Fees might apply, depending on the type of ticket you purchased and the method you used to purchase it.

Click "My Reservations" on United.com to change your air travel reservation online. Enter your last name and credit card number or confirmation number to locate your original record, or log in to an existing United account and select your itinerary. Search for and select the new flight to which you want to switch.

Begin the check-in process on United.com using your original reservation if you want to switch to standby status on a flight going to the same destination leaving within the next three hours. Select the earlier flight, if available, and indicate you want to switch to standby status. A fee applies, charged only if you successfully board the earlier flight. If there is not enough room for you to board the standby flight, you retain your original reservation.

Call 1-800-UNITED-1 to change Mileage Plus award tickets or Miles & Money award tickets, which you can't change online. You can also call to change your reservations or switch to a same-day reservation.

Approach a United Airlines representative at a United counter within the airport to change your reservation or move to an earlier flight. If you did not book your original ticket directly through United.com -- for example, if you purchased it on an airline fare comparison site -- a fee may apply to your change in addition to other change fees and travel costs.


A $150 fee applies to change your ticket at time of publication, in addition to any difference in cost of the new schedule compared with the original price you paid. United does not issue refunds if the new reservation is cheaper than your original cost unless you purchased a refundable ticket.