Hotel casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, reward gamblers with perks like free buffets, concert admission and complimentary rooms. Offering freebies, also known as comps or complimentary gifts, keeps the players coming back to spend money. Regardless of where you stay, from Caesar's Place to Treasure Island, you have a chance to receive these money-saving rewards. Most of the free offers have an expiration date -- many only last a month. When you receive notice of available comps, read the fine print so you don't miss out on your Vegas deal.

Drive to Las Vegas and visit the hotel you want to receive comps from. Ask a hotel staffer where the establishment's player's club is located.

Visit the hotel's player club or customer service desk. Request a player's club card. Present your driver's license. Fill out the form or provide the representative with your contact information. Some casinos offer additional rewards when you provide your email address. Choose a PIN number for your player's card, and then accept the card.

Present your player's card to the table boss or slide the card into a slot machine. The higher the bet you place, the more points you earn. Your comps, like free hotel rooms, are rewarded according to the points you earn. The card stores information about your playing time, including the duration of play and how many points you have.

Play in the casino for several hours. Visit the player's club and ask about redeeming your new comps. Some hotels only issue freebies at the beginning of the month. You may have to wait for a monthly mailing or an email.

Things You Will Need
  • Driver's license

  • Cash


Interact with casino workers in a friendly manner.

Sign up to receive hotel offers by email from sites like Vegas ( or Las Vegas (

Las Vegas has non-gaming hotels too, such as the Vdara and the Signature at the MGM Grand, but these locales do not typically give freebies.