Choosing the right hotel on your trip can make or break your vacation. When staying at a popular brand-name hotel such as the Park Hyatt or Grand Hyatt, most travelers have certain expectations about their stay. Although many of the hotels are owned by the same company, there are some differences between them. Depending on the kinds of amenities you're looking for and the price you're hoping to pay, knowing the differences between the Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt hotels is important before you make your reservation.

About the Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt hotels pride themselves on symbolizing service and luxury. Guests at these hotels can expect to find a combination of well-appointed rooms, relaxing spas, and a variety of food and wine options.

The Park Hyatt hotels are an ideal choice for business or leisure travelers looking for a bit more elegance and sophistication than an ordinary hotel. Here, you can find luxurious event spaces, such as show-kitchens, wine cellars and outdoor courtyards. The Park Hyatt hotels also offer interactive culinary experiences through their Master of Food & Wine Series courses.

About the Grand Hyatt

Though similar to the Park Hyatt hotels, the Grand Hyatt hotels focus more on business and leisure travelers around the world who want a more glamorous experience. At a Grand Hyatt hotel, you can find luxurious meeting and entertainment rooms and comprehensive concierge services.

Grand Hyatt hotels are typically at major gateway cities and resort destinations around the world, and each hotel is unique in reflecting the environment of its host setting. Here, first-class accommodations are all within a place built with a carefully planned, innovative design. The hotels offer an experience for guests to "live grandly."

The Difference Between the Hotels

Overall, Park Hyatt hotels and Grand Hyatt hotels may seem quite similar. They both provide quality services in a luxurious environment in destinations all around the world. The Hyatt brand has locations in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, but the location of each hotel branch varies.

Additionally, the prices at each hotel differ. For instance, a room at the Grand Hyatt Beijing in May goes for $198 a night for the standard rate, while a room at the Park Hyatt for the same date is $270 a night.

Of course, these rates can change depending on a variety of different factors. But, if there is both a Grand Hyatt and a Park Hyatt in the city where you're headed, compare rates between the two hotels before making a reservation, especially if price matters to you. Sometimes, this option won't exist, as some cities have a Park Hyatt and not a Grand Hyatt and vice versa.

Reward Program Information and Benefits

One thing that both these hotels have in common is their high-end price tag. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your Hyatt stay, you can become a member of the World of Hyatt program. Doing so allows you to earn points for your stays, and it helps you save money each time you book since you'll receive an exclusive member discount. You can also earn points on dining and spa experiences at participating hotels and earn bonus points on airline partners and Avis car rentals.

Any points you earn can then be redeemed at any participating Hyatt hotel, whether it's for free nights, air travel, car rental or other perks. Of course, you can redeem these at both Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt hotels, though you will need to check which participate on the World of Hyatt website.