Lodging accommodations are often ranked according to a star, or in the case of AAA, a diamond system that allows travelers to easily identify what amenities are available at a certain property. The star system has less to do with price than amenities, though the price usually increases with the rating. The star system for rating hotels is 1-5, which roughly represents the following categories: economy/budget, value, quality, superior and exceptional/luxury. Four-star properties are generally considered to be above average in terms of amenities and service. Read below to understand what makes a 4 star hotel stand out from the rest and how it differs from a five-star hotel.

Guest Rooms

Four-star hotels usually have upscale furnishings, luxury bedding and other amenities, including hair dryers, high-end bath products, flat-screen televisions, state-of-the-art electronic devices and high-quality towels. The size of the room may vary based on location (i.e., a four-star hotel room in Omaha, Nebraska, will probably be larger than one in New York City). Inside the room, there may be a minibar within a four star hotel depending on the price and style of the room, along with complimentary toiletries. Every four star hotel should have concierge services, free internet access and free wifi along with it.


Any four-star hotel should offer a knowledgeable concierge, a bell desk and valet parking. The concierge at this level property should be able provide information as well as help with planning by making reservations. Front-desk service should be above average. At check-in, you should be able to ask for restaurant recommendations in the area you’re staying in as well. Above all, you should be able to expect quality service at this level of hotel.


Getting food at four-star hotel should be easy. This level hotel should have a sit-down dining restaurant, a lounge and room service with extended hours. It is likely that the on-site restaurant offers fine dining, while lighter fare is available in the lounge. Many higher-end properties now also have coffee carts or specialty snack kiosks in their lobbies. There mat not be gourmet restaurants within a four star hotel, but it is not impossible.


A four-star hotel should have a pool and fitness center, and many also have full-service spas. If these services are not available on-site, many four-star hotels have exchange programs with local gyms and/or spas. A high-end gift shop is also often available.

Business Services

Not every four-star hotel offers a full range of business services, but each should have current technology and a business center available for guest use. Larger hotels will also have state-of-the art conference space. Depending on the city, area or hotel chain you are in, there may be conference rooms available for you and your business associates to utilize with reservations.

4 Star and 5 Star Differences

While you may be left guessing what is to be desired at a five star hotel, be assured there are still many services and features one can find at the next star rating level. Within your hotel room, there may be a jacuzzi along with a shower. In a higher rated hotel, they may even have partnerships with loca country clubs or businesses to help you access golf courses and tennis courts with ease. 4 and 5-star hotels will still have swimming pools however, so that option for fun will always be available.