Hot tubbing: Tips to help you find the right hotel room  

If relaxing in a private Jacuzzi sounds like the perfect way to round out a hotel stay, you're in luck. Finding your private oasis requires just a little more effort than simply searching online for an available hotel room. Most hotel websites will mention in-room hot tubs on their amenities lists, so they'll show up relatively quickly in your internet search.

How to find a hotel room with a Jacuzzi

Once you've decided when and where you'll travel, search online for "in-room Jacuzzi" or "hot tub suite," plus "hotel" and the name of the city you are visiting. This technique works whether using a simple search engine like Google or a travel booking website. Other helpful search terms include "in-room bathtub" or even "luxury amenities."

If the hotel's own website mentions honeymoon suites or luxury suites, but you aren't sure if these include private hot tubs, call the hotel's reservations number listed on the site. While most hotels promote such amenities online, there's a chance this one did not. Also ask whether the hot tub is an actual hot tub or just a deep bathtub, since the water jets are part of the hot tub experience. Calling the hotel is always a good idea to ensure that the hot tub in the room you book is functioning at the time of the booking. Some hotel remodels tend to do away with large tubs and Jacuzzis, replacing them with eco-friendly features like massaging shower heads in the shower.

Things to consider

Since there's no way for certain to know how clean the hot tub is in your hotel room, it's best to at least do a quick cleaning before you use it. At the least, fill the tub at least halfway, run the jets for a bit then turn them off. Place a penny or quarter in the tub of water – you should be able to read whether the coin is heads up or tails up. Feel the sides of the tub just under the water line; they should not feel slimy or grungy. The water should also smell clean, not moldy or musty. Drain the tub and refill it before using it once you are satisfied with its cleanliness.

Note, that a room with its own hot tub may cost a little more than a standard room, and the room itself may be a bit smaller due to the extra space required for the hot tub.