Whether you work with an online travel agent, hotel booking agent, booking site like expedia, or a guest service representative from the reservation department at your hotel of choice, you can find the accommodation you want at the price you want it and with the amenities you need. The process requires some legwork, especially if you are vacationing in an area in which you are not familiar, but it is no more difficult than booking a flight with easier functionality.

How to Make a Reservation

Provide the hotel or online travel agent with the check-in and check-out dates/departure dates for your vacation.‌ Request the daily check-out time to minimize confusion and avoid late fees and other penalties. Inquire about express check-in and check-out for faster service. (Fees should not apply.)

Confirm the number of guests in your party, and choose a room type.‌ Hotel rooms can vary from single and double occupancy to family and honeymoon accommodations. The number of guests, including infants and children, will determine how many beds you book. Many hotels offer crib rentals and roll-out beds for children.

Narrow down a hotel location.‌ Large hotel chains offer multiple locations, so use a travel guide or map to determine the best location for your travel needs.

Ask about guestroom amenities.‌ Standard amenities include telephone, television and air conditioning. If you require Internet service, newspaper delivery or cable channels, ask in advance if these amenities are available and if additional fees apply.

Ask about hotel services.‌ Not all hotels feature room service, swimming pools and laundry, so ask in advance if these services are available.

Reserve your hotel room using a credit card.‌ Hotel reservation lines and online travel agents require a credit card or debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo to complete a hotel reservation. Although some hotels require only a deposit (which may or may not be refundable depending on hotel policy) to complete a room reservation, others require full payment. Get a confirmation number for your reservation.


Book your hotel room early when possible.rnrnIf you've booked well in advance, call to double check your room reservation prior to leaving on your vacation.rnrnSome travel reservations websites offer exclusive "name your own price" discounts. Instead of paying published rates, you can bid on a room and provide a credit card number/credit card information to hold your reservation. Your credit card is charged only if your offer is accepted. Many of these websites withhold the hotel name until the purchase is complete.


Compare room rates for the best deal for the best hotel as well as check the cancellation policy on the hotel’s website.

If you have any issues with the online booking process, you can always call the front desk.