Hotel costs are often among the largest expenses of a traveler's budget, second only perhaps to airfare. Different hotel chains often offer competitive rates, but budget travelers may still wish to save more money on hotel room costs. With a little research, you can find hotel discount codes that provide additional savings on accommodations. Hotel chains do not always advertise these discount codes directly, but many resources are available to help you navigate all the savings options. Saving the most money may require that you are flexible with the dates or location of the hotel stay.

Step 1.

Book your hotel room directly through the hotel chain's website. The website may advertise savings for a percentage off the regular room rate, saving you money over calling the hotel directly.

Step 2.

Register with your favorite hotel chains and sign up to receive email newsletters, notifications and special offers. Hotel chains sometimes offer special promotional deals to subscribers.

Step 3.

Search for the best hotel rate on a travel booking website, such as or These websites will compile a list of hotels in the desired area and can help you save a percentage of the regular room rate. Additional savings are sometimes possible if you book airline tickets and hotel rooms in a bundle.

Step 4.

Visit coupon websites, such as or to gain access to compilations of hotel chain coupon codes for additional savings on your room.

Step 5.

Pick up a copy of Room Saver, or a similar travel publication, at any rest area along your travels to find coupons or codes for hotels. These are regional publications in which hotels advertise special offers to attract travelers, especially along major highways.

Step 6.

Look for coupon codes and savings through a members-only travel club, such as AARP or AAA. You may occasionally find coupons in addition to the savings percentage you receive as a member.