Whether you're traveling alone for work or have a little downtime at the end of a long day of touring a new city, your hotel room can seem like both a comfort and a bore. There are plenty of things to do in a hotel room besides staring at the television for hours on end. When you've settled into your room but there are still hours until bedtime, a little creativity can keep you from going crazy. Read below for travel tips on how to make a family vacation or solo getaway to a hotel more fun.

Find an Excuse to Indulge

It's the rare person who has the time to pamper herself regularly, but it's an easy thing to do in a hotel room. When you're stuck in a hotel room, turn the bathroom into your own personal spa. Pick up a container of bubble bath or bath salts from the closest drugstore, along with a scented candle and bottle of wine, and soak in the tub until the water runs cold. Women might also enjoy having an evening of beauty. Coat your hair with deep conditioner, paint your nails and experiment with all the makeup in your bag. Explore the minibar in your hotel room if you have one, and pick out a drink or snack that you don’t mind paying for. Even better, order room service while you enjoy a face mask or watch your favorite TV show.

Make Friendly Connections

As long as you have your cell phone or a laptop with Internet access, hotel downtime gives you a chance to connect with old friends. Put on your pajamas, climb into bed and start talking. Call your college roommate, a favorite former coworker or a cousin you rarely see and spend the evening catching up on one another's life. If you do have Internet access, which increasingly is offered free by hotels, you might also send out a flurry of emails or chat face-to-face using video messaging software.

Unlock Your Creative Side

If you've long dreamed about writing the great American novel or a book of poems but never seemed to find the time, consider your hotel stay the perfect opportunity. Now's the chance to take on any creative pursuit you never seem to find time for. If you dream of being an artist, sketch on the room notepad or use the painting program on your laptop. Even if you're not artistic, you can use your hotel stay for creative pursuits; open your computer and try assembling all your favorite photos into a slideshow or fix any blemishes using photo correcting software. Take a break from social media for the night and allow your creative juices to flow instead.

Invent or bring Games for the Kids

When you're locked in your hotel room with antsy children, hotel room games are your best bet for passing the time and keeping everyone happy. Try throwing balled socks or paper into the garbage cans, or make up your own new sport using these cans and makeshift balls. Challenge one another to see how long you can juggle three balled socks before dropping one, or make an obstacle course out of the chairs, beds and suitcases and try to go through the whole thing without touching the floor.

If you don’t want to get that creative, bring board games from home or engage in easy card games that will keep everyone entertained. If you forgot to bring card games, don’t be afraid to ask the front desk, as they sometimes keep fun things behind the desk just in case their guests need them! Family travel can be hectic and stressful, but don’t forget to have fun with each family member too!

Throw a Party

If you are staying in with friends or your significant other, you can make it a night to remember with games and pampering. A deck of cards will not take up much space in your luggage – or you can always pick up a deck from the hotel gift shop – and it's the only supply you need to start a poker, spades or blackjack tournament. Hotel televisions often have music stations for a party soundtrack, and many hotels offer devices where you can plug in your own devices and be your own DJ for the evening.

Scan the room service menu for some appetizers to share, such as nachos or chicken wings, or check out a meal delivery app like Seamless and have a pizza brought in. Fun activities are always made more fun by ordering delicious food. For a more intimate evening, check out the hotel spa menu to see whether you can order a couples in-room massage.