Look fabulous, darling, for a fun Las Vegas poolside party

Look fabulous for a fun Las Vegas poolside party

It might seem odd that anyone would need to know how to dress for a Las Vegas pool party. You wear a suit, right? In Sin City, things are more complicated than that. The daytime parties have as many strict dress codes as the ones for the nightlife. Las Vegas day clubs let you dance the day away poolside under cabanas in the Vegas sun, but be sure you don’t have a fashion faux-paus! Showing up in the wrong garb means you'll never make it past the front door, but that doesn't mean you can't express your fashion style. Here's all you need to know about Vegas pool party dress codes.

Dress for the day-club vibe

Although most U.S. vacation destinations accept casual dress, Las Vegas is an exception to the rule. Vegas resorts strive to roll out a five-star experience and require patrons to dress the part. Before heading to a pool party, adopt the mindset that you're going to a daytime nightclub, not lounging by the pool. No sweatpants allowed here!

Keep it covered...at first

Getting to the pool party usually means walking in through a casino where Grandma's playing Wheel of Fortune slots or Grandpa is trying his luck at blackjack. All-day clubs require patrons to wear resort-appropriate dress when heading to or from the pool party. Men should wear board shorts and a collared resort-wear-type shirt such as a polo shirt or Hawaiian shirt. Some day clubs allow nice T-shirts if they don't have offensive print. Avoid shirts like tank tops, they’re too casual for the interior of a casino. Women should wear a swimsuit cover-up such as a sundress, a maxi dress, or other modest attire that meets the establishment's general dress code. Once you're out in the pool area, you can strip down to your swimwear.

Enjoy the sun

Swimwear is a must at a Las Vegas pool party, but there's a dress code at the pool as well. Teeny bikinis and Speedos are certainly options, but keep it classy or you might be shown the door. When in doubt, wear a one-piece with tasteful cutouts! G-strings, pasties, male mesh thongs, see-through swimwear and other overly-revealing pool attire is forbidden at most venues.

Be foot-fabulous

Shoes are crucial to your outfit. Although you'll see pictures of celebrities rocking stiletto heels poolside in Vegas, some clubs don't allow hard-soled shoes at all. Many types of high heels are a no-go. If you still want to wear heels, opt for wedge sandals with a non-slip sole. Flat sandals in classy designs are perfectly acceptable. However, pass on the dollar store flip-flops, or you might get kicked off the guest list.

Most day clubs allow boat shoes for men along with sandals or upscale flip-flops, but others like Drai's Beachclub at the Cromwell disallow sandals for men altogether. Athletic shoes or upscale sneakers are prohibited at most day clubs.

What's not cool at the pool

While dress codes vary slightly from day club to day club, there are some things you just don't want to wear. Baggy clothing, torn clothing, cut-offs and chains top the list. Athletic wear is also taboo, be it gym shorts or your favorite team's jersey. Leave behind GoPros, cameras, smart glasses or any other wearable technology. What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there, remember?

Although you're supposed to dress like you're going to a five-star nightclub experience during the day, don't overdo it. You'll likely get turned away if you show up in formalwear or any other type of wardrobe that doesn't fit into the resort poolside atmosphere the day club creates.

From plane to pool fabulous

Dedicate a small packing cube in your carry-on to your day-club resort wear. That way you can kick off your first afternoon in Vegas with flair. Many Vegas hotels will store guest's luggage prior to check-in. Change into your day club wear from your packing cube, stash your travel outfit in your baggage, check it in, stow your receipt where it won't get lost or damaged and enjoy the party.