Six Flags, with its amusement parks all over the map, decided to write a dress code into their code of conduct to attract more families and fewer unsupervised teens. Visitors are now required to wear "appropriate footwear." Six Flags parks are large, and you'll want to wear something on your feet that doesn't hinder you from getting across the spacious park. Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes will also ensure comfort and safety on the rides.

Appropriate Footwear

Six Flags does not go into great detail explaining what exactly appropriate footwear is. You don't want to be barefoot, and sneakers or sandals are appropriate choices. Plenty of people walk around Six Flags in flip flops as well. Stilettos aren't the most appropriate footwear choice, and avoid shoes that are too tight or uncomfortable. There's a lot of ground to cover at Six Flags, and you don't want your footwear pinching your toes or digging into your heels.

Comfort and Safety

When choosing your footwear for a visit to Six Flags, think about what you will be doing. Those flip flops may seem airy and cool, but if you're going to ride every daring ride that involves swinging, flipping and turning, you might end up at the Lost and Found, searching for the flip flop that flew off your foot while you were on the swings.

Water Shoes

Several Six Flags amusement parks include waterparks. Whether you're enjoying the wave pool at Hurricane Harbor or flying down the water slides at Splashwater Kingdom, your feet will need protection while you are in the water. Six Flags allows you to be barefoot while you are in the waterpark, but consider wearing water shoes or swim shoes. Just remember to put your regular clothes and shoes back on when you leave the waterpark to do other things on Six Flags property.

Dress Code

In addition to wearing appropriate footwear, you also need to make sure you have a shirt on when you visit any Six Flags location. Don't wear anything that says something rude, vulgar or offensive or you may be asked to leave. Forget turning the shirt inside out to keep anyone from seeing what's written or drawn; Six Flags does not see that as a solution.