Israel's natural beauty, ancient ruins and historical culture draw in millions of visitors each year. Although the country is a small one, it enjoys different environments. Masada and the Dead Sea in the south are arid, desert areas, while the Sea of Galilee in the north has lush foliage. Israel is also home to many historical religious sites that require modesty in dress. Keep these environments, climate and conservative holy sights in mind when planning attire for a trip to Israel in April.

Pack Light Rain Gear

April is the first month of Israel's summer, so there may still be April showers in the northern and coastal areas of the country. The southern areas of the country tend to experience year-round desert conditions. Pack a light-weight rain jacket and umbrella to combat potential rain.

Take Light Summer Clothes Along

While April can still have some light showers, there are plenty of desert areas of the country that are dry and hot. Pack short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts and shorts or pants that are made of a light breathable fabric. Hats and glasses are also a necessity to protect yourself from the sun's strong rays.

Keep Holy Sights in Mind

In addition to packing shorts and tank tops, pack some shirts that will cover your shoulders and pants or long skirts to cover your legs. In order to visit many of the holy sights throughout the country, you'll need to cover up. That means no exposed shoulders and pants below the knees or to the ankles. It's a good idea to pack some items that you can throw into a backpack while sightseeing. For men, many sights require head coverings. Some sights offer yarmulkes for rental, which are head coverings worn by Jewish men. You can also wear any type of hat or ball cap.

Dress for Adventure Activities

If you plan on hiking, bring hiking shoes. Visits to the Dead Sea aren't complete without a dip in its freakishly high-salinity waters, so pack a bathing suit. The Sea of Galilee is not only historic but also a popular swimming destination, and you won't want to miss rafting on the Jordan River.