Parrotheads unite! The best get-up for a Margaritaville music-fest

Jimmy Buffet's music is all about relaxing, having a good time and enjoying every moment of life. At one of his shows, you'll want to dress in a way that's festive, but not fussy. Jimmy Buffet's one-of-a-kind sound is the musical equivalent of a tropical vacation complete with daiquiris, sunshine and plenty of lounging, so when choosing an ensemble, let comfort and whimsy be your guide, from your first margarita to the last chorus of the encore.

Wear tropical prints

Parrotheads can easily identify other Parrotheads by their bright floral-pattered clothing. Whether you go for the classic Hawaiian shirt and shorts combo or a tropical-print dress, keep the island vibes flowing with something that says “vacation.”

Wear bright colors

Leave black behind. In fact, you can plan to ditch navy blue, brown, gray or any other color you would wear to the office. Let your wardrobe be as colorful and vibrant as a weekend in the Florida Keys. Pair white with pastel blue, bright green, pink and any other hue you would expect to see on a vacation to the tropics.

Wear comfortable shoes

If “it's 5 o'clock somewhere,” it means it's definitely time to kick off those heels. Sandals, open-toed shoes and even Crocs are acceptable footwear for an evening in Margaritaville paradise. Anything goes as long as you can move with comfort and ease.

Leave behind heavy jackets

If you're worried about the temperature inside the venue, layer a hooded sweatshirt or a light cardigan over your outfit. The vibe at a Jimmy Buffet show is casual, fun and summery, so you don't want to bring anything too heavy, dark or formal. Plus, drinks spill, and throwing a hooded sweatshirt in the wash is preferable to ruining a leather jacket or taking a woolen coat to the dry cleaner.

Leave behind bulky bags

To maximize your enjoyment of the show, minimize your baggage. Put essentials like money, keys and your smartphone into your pockets to free your hands to hold margaritas. The show will get crowded, and having to lug a heavy bag or backpack around doesn't make for a fun evening.

Leave behind your Jimmy Buffet t-shirt

Never wear a band's shirt to their own show.

Seasonal and weather considerations

Depending on the time of year and the climate where you're seeing the show, it may be a good idea to pack rain gear, especially if the show is outdoors. Small plastic ponchos can be folded up to fit inside your pocket; they provide a thin but effective layer of coverage for you and your belongings. If possible, bring a small umbrella as well if weather conditions call for rain. Stay hydrated, particularly if it's hot outside. Bring a reusable water bottle to ensure you can drink water throughout the show.


If you're flying to the concert, most of the stuff that you need should fold up easily and fit in a carry-on. If you're driving, you may have more room to bring a larger selection of clothes and shoes, so you have a plethora of options to choose from on the day of the show.

Additional considerations

Before heading to the venue, be sure to either print your ticket or have the ability to access your digital ticket. Keep your ticket in a safe place, and if you're going to the show with a big group, designate one person to hold all the tickets until you arrive at the venue.