Rock the arena in style

Each November through December, Trans-Siberian Orchestra tours the country presenting their rock-opera-meets-Christmas-favorites extravaganza. Although TSO's founding member, Paul O'Neill, passed away in April 2017, the band continues bringing its creative combination of rock and classical music and special effects to venues throughout the U.S. For the uninitiated, it's possible that the group's curious name could lead to out-of-touch clothing choices on concert day. Read on . . .

Leave it behind

If your dress code for heading out to an opera or orchestra includes a black tie or a formal dress, you'll be woefully overdressed for a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. The band is neither from Siberia nor an actual orchestra. Instead, it includes members of the former metal band, Savatage, and you'll be right on target if you dress for a rock concert. So, quit worrying about pulling wrinkly formalwear from your carry-on or suitcase; you just won't need it.

Dress for the weather

Although Trans-Siberian Orchestra concerts take place during the winter at indoor climate-controlled venues, you're likely to spend more than just a few minutes standing outside waiting for doors to open and passing through security. Because the band plays in a wide range of climates, check the local weather listing and wear the lightest layers that will keep you warm in the city's weather. Avoid bulky winter clothing that will take up more space than just the square footage of your seat when you remove it inside. Instead, opt for items with crushable down, fleece or fiberfill you can stuff into a bag at your feet or fold underneath you like a cushion.

Dress for the time of day

TSO performs two shows daily at many of its venues. A T-shirt and jeans would be appropriate when heading to a 3 p.m. concert in Phoenix where winter daytime temps are commonly in the mid-60s. Be sure to bring a light jacket to wear when the concert ends; temps creep down into the 50s after the sun goes down just before 5:30. Jeans, slacks or other informal attire are also acceptable at the evening concert. If you're making a special evening of it, wear a nice shirt and slacks or dress and heels to the evening concert. Don't forget a jacket or wrap suited for cold temperatures when the concert lets out late at night.

Dress for New Year's Eve

Two TSO bands tour the eastern and western parts of the country, so, for a special way to ring in the new year, head to one of two venues in the country hosting a TSO concert on New Year's Eve night. Although the concerts let out before midnight, you might want to wear festive attire perfect for heading to a New Year's Eve party afterward.

A few words of warning

You'll gasp in amazement as TSO's famous special effects produce pyrotechnics, lasers and faux snowflakes to drift through the air. But you might want to take a few precautions with your wardrobe so you're prepared. Tuck a pair of earplugs in your pocket in the event your seat is near speakers or booming pyrotechnics that can seem too loud. And avoid loosely woven sweaters that can lap up little pieces of faux snow, releasing them later in the evening as you grab a post-show meal or drink.

Flying to the concert

Unless you're bringing a special gown for New Year's Eve festivities, you can pack informal concert garb in your regular carry-on or suitcase. Use squishable fabrics that don't wrinkle and compress easily, and use packing compression cubes if you don't want to bring a full-size suitcase.