Campfire fun and games for just the two of you

Romantic Camping Ideas and Fun Camping Games

A couples camping trip in the great outdoors offers a host of opportunities for bonding with your partner away from city bustle and technology distractions. Planning for daytime activities like hiking, kayaking, or boating is simple, but have you considered what you’ll do after sunset? It can get pretty dark beyond the campfire, so fill those long hours before bedtime with campfire games that encourage comforting closeness out in the middle of nowhere.

The “I adore” alphabet game

Remember that classic elementary school memory game that started with “I’m going to the beach, and I’m bringing…?” Well it makes for a great camping game! In the game, each player had to say that phrase, then recite all the items listed by previous players before adding a new one corresponding to the next letter in the alphabet. For this version, ditch the beach theme and start with “I adore,” taking turns building an alphabetical list of things you love about the other person. For example, on turn three you might say, “I adore your attitude, your brownie baking and your chin dimple.”

Don't make the game about winning, but about positive feedback for each other. Go ahead and bend the rules on tough letters. That means using adjectives like “quirky smile” for Q, or “excellent camping skills” for X. Amp up the fun by playing for stakes, such as a kiss each time one of you fumbles on a letter.

"Would you rather?" – memories edition

This is another fun activity to break out when camping with your loved one. All couples experience memorable disasters: a flat tire in the rain on a first date, or an epic struggle to assemble a shelf together. Play a game of "would you rather?" by rating all the miserable moments that became stories you laugh about. Simply recount a mishap, contrast it with a horrible hypothetical, such as repeating high school or never watching a favorite TV show again, then ask which your partner would rather experience.

"And then . . ." gets intimate

Another fun thing you can play is the “And then…” game. The “And then…” game is designed to stretch imaginations while building an intriguing story together. Player one sets the scene and establishes a character, such as a hard-boiled detective in a dark, rain-drenched alley. The first person to play signals player two to take over by saying, “and then…” Player two picks up the story, adding another character with a conflict, like a sexy client with a secret.

The storytelling shifts from player to player with each spoken signal of "and then." Each player adds new story elements, such as character descriptions, motives, obstacles and new antagonists to thwart. When the tale reaches a natural end, the last player calls out "The end!" instead of "and then."

Reminisce with 20 questions

In this twist on the traditional 20 Questions game, each partner takes a turn guessing which favorite memory the other is thinking of: your first date or the day you moved in together. There is a limit of 20 questions that can be answered with only “yes,” “no” or “maybe.” Don’t sweat it if your partner doesn’t recall all the details of the memory you picked. It's all about celebrating being a couple during your romantic getaway.

Classic Games

Including a classic boardgame like Scrabble or a deck of cards in your camping gear to play card games can be a great camping activity for you and your significant other, especially for a rainy day. Many boardgames can be found for cheap at thrift stores or online at Amazon and make for a great activity. Creative couples could even make a DIY boardgame with their own memories to take it to the next level! Or bring a set of cornhole to play if the fire is bright enough. Sometimes even the simple activities, like roasting marshmallows for s’mores, or having a snuggle in a sleeping bag or hammock while stargazing at the night sky can be a fun way to have a very romantic camping trip. Don’t forget the bottle of wine!