Everything may be bigger in Texas, but the luggage shouldn't be. Luckily, wild weather won't often be encounter in Texas, so a winter coat and boots are not necessary. In winter, average temperatures tend to hover around 60 degrees F in many Texan cities; on many summer days, the temperature inches up to or beyond 100 degrees. Packing clothes that will be weather-appropriate allows visits to the Alamo or look outs over the Gulf of Mexico in comfort.

Packing Pants

Pack several pairs of shorts if planning a visit anytime between the beginning of April and the end of October. Add at least one pair of pants, even if it's the height of summer, in case of chilly evenings. For a wintertime visit, pack a few pairs of shorts and a few pairs of pants. Choose casual fabrics, such as denim and cotton, but bring at least one pair of pants dressy enough for visiting a church or upscale restaurant. A woman might add a skirt or dress as well.

Packing Tops

Choose three short-sleeved casual tops, such as T-shirts or cotton blouses. Pack one long-sleeved casual shirt, a shirt to pair with a pair of dress pants and a light sweater or sweatshirt. Bring one light jacket.

The Right Pairs of Shoes

One pair of worn-in sneakers is needed for hiking and walking around cities, as well as a pair of sandals for visiting the beach. Bring a third pair of shoes to pair with a dress outfit.

Underwear and Socks

Add 10 sets of underwear and socks to the luggage. If staying longer than a week, it is possible to easily find a laundromat to do laundry.


Count out enough of the regular medications to last the entire trip. If there is not enough, it is possible to get a refill fairly easily in Texas, but it's less hassle to simply bring an adequate supply. Pack over-the-counter pain relievers and allergy medication, since the different plants and weather conditions that will be experienced in Texas could leave you sniffling. Bring sunscreen and insect repellent as well.

Travel Size Toiletries

Buy travel-sized versions of all the toiletries and hygiene items. These items will take up less space in the luggage, and replacements can be easily bought if they run out.

Swim Attire

Pack a bathing suit and bathing suit cover-up. Even if not planning to visit the ocean, many Texas hotels have swimming pools.

Things to Stay Busy

For long car trips across the state, put a book, MP3 player and handheld video game system in the carry-on bag or a small duffel bag. Bring along a book of must-see Texas attractions or recommended driving routes, a travel umbrella and a camera in order to document the trip.

Things You Will Need
  • Suitcase

  • Shorts

  • Pants

  • Tops

  • Sweater or sweatshirt

  • Jacket

  • Underwear

  • Socks

  • Sneakers

  • Sandals

  • Dress shoes

  • Medications

  • Sunblock

  • Insect repellent

  • Toiletries

  • Bathing suit

  • Bathing suit cover-up

  • Books and MP3 player

  • Guidebooks

  • Umbrella

  • Camera


Leave some room in the luggage for souvenirs, such as cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.