Whether going on an extended vacation or completing a semester abroad, autumn provides visitors ideal weather conditions for traveling to Italy or europe. ‌The seasonable weather in October encourages layering but allows travelers to wear lightweight, comfortable clothing for traveling.‌ Clothing that is easily layered and resists wrinkles is recommended. A passport is necessary to enter Italy and should be valid for three months beyond your stay; for stays up to 90 days you do not need a visa.

October Weather

Throughout Italy, the weather in October tends to be above freezing, with warmer days and cooler nights. ‌Rain is common throughout all regions during this month, so a good raincoat or umbrella is recommended.‌ Northern Italy, Milan's region, experiences average temperatures between about 44 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to include some warm sweatshirts or sweaters, especially in the mountains and northern cities. Visitors to Rome and other central Italian destinations will find temperatures ranging between about 56 and 71 degrees. The southern region is slightly warmer, with average temperatures between about 66 and 74 degrees.

Special Events

There are several special events that are great to visit if in Italy in October.‌ If in the Piedmont town of Alba, make sure to check out the Alba White Truffle Festival which is one of the largest in all of Italy. Next, make sure to visit Certaldo Alto, Tuscany to continue the food festivals. you can try many foods and drinks that are famous in Tuscany such as its famous Chianti Classico wine and traditional breads. Add Naples, Sicily, florence, venice, capri and the Amalfi coast to your agenda as well for some amazing views.

Clothing Packing List

Pack several outfits that fold and travel easily because wrinkle free fabrics will help visitors avoid spending time ironing.‌ The study abroad organizers at Arcadia University suggest bringing along two or three pairs of khakis, jeans or other comfortable pants/leggings. Also include a variety of long- and short-sleeved, cotton T-shirts, which provide breathable fabric when sightseeing and allow for easy layering. Also include a few long sleeve sweaters, cardigans, and a waterproof jacket with a warm lining. A jacket with a removable lining will keep you covered well for a variety of weather conditions. In northern Italy and at higher altitudes, late october's nighttime temperatures hover around freezing, making a warm jacket important so avoid wearing shorts. In your Italy packing list, be sure to include plenty of underwear and pajamas to avoid needing to do laundry too often, if at all. A swim suit/cover up and tank tops might come in handy as well in case of warm weather in that time of year. Women should bring one dressy outfit, along with a wrap or blazer, for a night out on the town, romantic dinner, or visiting the vatican which has a dress code. Men need one suit, dress shirt and tie.


Most people visiting Italy are doing so to visit the ancient cities and the countryside, which requires a significant amount of walking. Be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots, not just flip flops for the cobblestone streets. ‌Comfortable shoes are a must.‌ Also include several pairs of breathable, supportive socks along with the shoes. Pack to five-to-seven pairs of socks. Seasoned travelers often suggest breaking in your shoes before leaving to cut down on potential blisters or sore feet. Test drive new walking shoes with some vigorous walking in the weeks before you for Italy. Also, include a pair of comfortable but more dressy shoes for dining out. Keep in mind that many streets are cobblestone or have uneven pavement, so high heels are not recommended.

Backpack or Smaller Bags

When traveling to a country like Italy, where sightseeing and outdoor entertainment abound, it is important to pack a travel tote or crossbody bag. ‌Tuck an empty backpack or close-fitting messenger bags into your suitcase.‌ While traveling around the country, use this bag to hold identification, money, camera, bottled beverages, snacks, maps and information on the places you want to visit. Some people also find including a travel journal and several pens in their carrying-around bag helps them record events as they happen.

Toiletries and Medications

Though comparable toiletries are available throughout Italy, some visitors feel more comfortable bringing their items from home. ‌When traveling with only a carry-on bag, it is important to remember the Transportation Security Administration's rules regarding liquids in carry-ons.‌ As of 2018, all liquids must be in 3.4-oz. bottles or smaller inside of one 1-quart, clear, plastic, zipper bag. Other items may be placed inside of checked luggage. Anyone bringing medication should bring the medicines inside the prescription bottles. Include up-to-date prescription information and doctor's contact information with your medications. Contact the TSA for currest policies on bringing prescription medications on the plane.

Additional Tips

International flights are often long and tiresome for travelers. If possible, tuck a comfortable blanket into your carry-on luggage. Bring plenty of reading material to keep yourself entertained. ‌Keep in mind that the electrical outlets are different in Italy and require special adapters.‌ Keep your passport handy since it will be necessary to go through customs and, when possible, reserve space in the travel bag for souvenirs and mementos, which will make packing to return a simple affair. Also try to pack light or use packing cubes for increased organization.