Unless you're headed on a fast-paced jaunt across several continents of varying climates, you won't need a brand-new outfit for every day of your 10-day trip. Packing for a trip longer than one week is still tricky, though, so don't save packing for the last minute. Ten days is a long time to cart around some item you don't truly need.

The Basics

Some garments you can get along without, others you can't, so pack those first to guarantee they won't be left behind.

  • If you can spare the space, pack 11 pairs of underwear and socks.
  • If space is too tight, bring six sets of each and plan to do some laundry on the go.
  • Pack two sets of pajamas and, if you're traveling to a warm locale, two bathing suits.
  • Chances are, no matter where you're headed, you'll need some type of coat. If you don't plan to wear it during travel, tuck it into your suitcase.
  • Pack not more than three pairs of shoes.
  • For many trips, a pair of walking shoes and a pair of dressy shoes are two essential choices. Sandals, casual slip-ons or boots might be your third choice.

Choosing Clothing

Every garment you pack should be either essential or able to be worn at least twice. The formal dress you'll wear to your friend's destination wedding must be packed, but a wet suit you'll wear for a single snorkeling session should be left behind.

  • Bring just three or four bottoms, including a mix of jeans or shorts and a pair of dressy pants or a skirt.
  • Pack four or five tops of varying dressiness, plus one or two warm top pieces like sweaters.
  • Of course, your destination will affect the weight of the pieces you pack and, thus, the amount of space they take.

For a beach vacation, you might have space for seven tank tops; for a skiing trip, pick just your two favorite sweaters and a few T-shirts. Because you'll be re-wearing things, consider how well pieces go together and think in terms of color coordination.

Toiletries and Extras

Your hotel will likely stock basic showering supplies, so save space by skimping on toiletries.

  • Pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor, deodorant and one essential hair-styling product, along with any medications you require and contact solution if necessary.
  • Except for medications, choose travel-sized versions of everything, suggests travel expert Rick Steves. You can pick up replacements as you go.

As on any trip, you'll need your ID, health insurance information and chargers for your electronic devices. Pick up two or three paperbacks, too, and plan to recycle them as you finish reading.

Packing Tips

Even when you've packed light, 10 days' worth of supplies will inevitably take up a bit more space than those for a weekend or even week-long trip would.

Rolling your clothing can be an efficient way to pack, though purchasing compression bags is a way to save even more space; tuck your clothing inside and push out any excess air.

Bring a large plastic bag, too, for stashing clothing too dirty to be reworn. To this end, bring a few single-size packets of laundry detergent so you can wash soiled clothing in your hotel bathroom.