Ancient ruins, clear seas, exotic ports of call and a chance to experience some of the world’s architectural and historical wonders draw travelers to the Mediterranean. Many of these travelers opt for a cruise, where they may experience a taste of many countries and cultures on one trip. When packing for a September Mediterranean cruise, choose a comfortable touring wardrobe and appropriate clothing for the ship.

Check the Mediterranean’s September weather forecast. Typically, temperatures rise to the 80s in the day and may drop into the 60s in the evening. Breezes from the sea tend to keep shore areas cooler than inland. Pack layers of clothing to remain comfortable in the day and warmer in the evening. A light, waterproof jacket comes in handy at night and during the rain.

Wear comfortable walking shoes to avoid blisters when touring. Pack cotton clothing to stay cool during the day. Be advised that many churches in Mediterranean port cities require a modest dress code and forbid the showing of bare shoulders or knees. Bring a shawl or large scarf to cover appropriate body parts, if necessary. Casual clothing, such as shorts, t-shirts and bathing suit cover-ups, are appropriate day wear on the ship.

Check your cruise line for evening dress recommendations. Often women wear cocktail or evening attire and men wear suits or tuxedos on formal nights. Many ships offer tuxedo rental on board to save space in your luggage. Most lines allow dresses, slacks and business casual clothing on non-formal evenings.

Protect yourself from the September sun by packing sunscreen to prevent burning. Bring a hat to cover the head to avoid heatstroke.

Ensure that your electronic devices remain charged throughout your cruise and pack a power strip, as ship staterooms contain a minimal amount of electric outlets.

Things You Will Need
  • Luggage

  • Jacket

  • Shoes

  • Cotton clothing

  • Shawl

  • Day wear

  • Evening wear

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Power strip


When traveling with another person, consider packing some clothes in each other’s luggage. This guarantees that you will have some clean clothing in the event one of the suitcases is lost in transit.

Check with your airline and cruise line regarding luggage restrictions. Many charge additional fees for more than one suitcase and suitcases that do not conform with the carriers size limitations.

When in doubt about packing something, leave it home. If necessary, you may purchase the item on board at one of the ship’s shops.


Never pack your passport, identification, cruise documents, medication or eyeglasses in your luggage. Keep these handy in your carry-on for security checkpoints and in the event delays.