A cruise is the chance to get away from it all. A poorly-placed cabin, however, can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. If you are a first-time cruiser, you might not be sure what cruise ship deck is the best location for you. What makes a cabin’s location ideal depends on your personality, interests and even preferred sleep schedule. To choose the best deck for your next cruise, assess what you want from your cruise.

Choose Your Amenities

For many people, the ideal stateroom is located close to the place that they spend most of their time. For example, if you are a sun worshiper or workout buff, you might choose a cabin on a upper deck near the pool deck, hot tubs, sun deck, and fitness center for easy access to these perks. A top deck cruise ship cabin will allow you to get to these locations quicker than deck cabins on a lower floor. If you like to catch the evening stage show or hit the casino and then go to bed, you might prefer a lower deck near the main theater and casino. Some people like to be close to the disco, others to the kids club. To choose between the front of the ship and the back of the ship, look at the ship’s deck plan to determine where your favorite public spaces are located.

Consider the Noise Factor

If you are an early riser, avoid cabins that are located directly above or below the disco and other late-night haunts. Likewise, those who like to sleep in or are light sleepers might be annoyed by breakfast service in the main dining room. If you are particularly sensitive to noise, consider choosing a cabin deep in the bowels of the ship, away from any public spaces.

Take Health Concerns Into Account

Get motion sickness during rough seas? The best cabins for the seasickness-prone are on lower decks, at approximately the middle of the ship. Midship cabins feel the bumps of the seas less than outside cabins. Those with mobility impairments might prefer to be close to the elevators. If you expect to require first aid services, you might choose a cabin near that facility. In addition, cruise ships provide a handful of modified cabins for those with disabilities. Depending on when you book, your options might be limited. Prioritize your concerns and choose the cabin that meets those that are most important.

Look at the Prices

Although cruise lines sometimes run promotions that offer better cabins at lower prices, in general, types of cabins are priced by category and deck. Within the same category, such as inside, ocean view or balcony, cabins on higher decks tend to cost more. In some cases, this means that a balcony cabin the lowest deck is priced similarly to an ocean view cabin with a porthole on the top of the ship. You will need to consider whether a view of the ocean on a lower deck or an inside cabin closer to the lido deck will give you your best cruise. Consider your budget and your priorities, and choose the cabin location that is the best fit for you.