The options available to consumers while booking travel are seemingly endless. The choices can sometimes be overwhelming and you can spend days trying to figure out which flight is best and which car rental company gives you the most options for the lowest price. Business travelers and vacationers often combine their car rental and flight reservations because it saves them money and provides an efficiency to the process that eliminates a lot of travel stress.

Arriving and Departing with Ease

When you book your flight and rental car together, arriving at the destination airport and grabbing your rental car is fairly simple. All of your information will be included in the same itinerary, so you'll get off the plane and follow the signs to the rental car counter. It will be easy to return the car at the airport as well. You won't have to plan your arrivals and departures around hotel shuttles or public transportation.

Better Pricing

By booking flights and car rentals together, you can often get great deals on both. Airlines, travel companies and online sites will offer discounts to travelers looking for both a flight and a car. Take the time to shop around. While you will save money, you may have to give up a little flexibility. For example, your package deal might require you to use an airline or car rental company that isn't your preferred brand. This will not help you accumulate frequent flyer miles or reward points. There might be restrictions on which days you fly and what class of car you can rent in order to stay within a price point.

Booking Basics

Find the best deals by searching online at travel sites that offer combinations. Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, Orbitz and other sites allow you to choose a Flight + Car option when you are searching for travel options. Specific airlines will ask if you want to add a car when you are finished selecting your desired flight. Use a travel agent for complicated bookings. When there are different stops along your route and you need multiple flights and car rental reservations, an agent can help you stay organized and find the best deals.

Additional Combinations

When you have an entire vacation to plan, there is no need to combine only the car and the flight. You can tack on hotel reservations and even attractions and recreational activities. By paying for everything up front, you don't have to worry about your budget while you are enjoying a trip or managing business expenses.