For some, traveling solo can be intimidating and just not as much fun as having others to share the experience with. If you find that your friends or family just do not share the same enthusiasm for vacationing around the world that you do, you do not have to forgo trips. Several websites and online groups are dedicated to matching people who enjoy traveling to various parts of the world. Spend some time on their forums, and/or go to their meetings, and you're sure to find others you will enjoy traveling with.

Join a local travel group or club. These groups can be found on websites such as and Facebook.

Find a national travel club that shares your interests. Just Ladies Travel Club, Travel Daddy and help people find others to travel with through their websites.

Start your own local travel club. If you find there aren't any local groups to join, create one by using the websites and Facebook.

Participate in travel message boards and forums. This is a great way to connect with others who enjoy travel and who may also be looking for people to travel with. and Yahoo Groups have forums for those that enjoy traveling.

Find a non-travel group that organizes a variety of social activities, including trips. Such groups may include a house of worship, college alumni association or senior citizens organization.


Meet members of the group before taking a trip if possible. Spend some time getting to know who you may be traveling with before committing to spending several days or weeks with them. This will help make traveling with new people much more enjoyable.