Hartmann, headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee, has produced luggage since 1877, and it offers a wide range of products. Hartmann luggage sets come with combination locks. Some detach from the piece while others sit embedded. If you want to reset the lock on your Hartmann case, you will find the job reasonably straightforward.

Combination Padlock

Locate the opening combination within the luggage documentation or set the lock to the current combination.

Pull the shackle upward until it sits 90 degrees forward, with the combination dials on the right. The shackle is the piece shaped like a “U” that loops around the top of the lock.

Press the shackle down and turn it another 90 degrees to the right.

Turn the dials to the new combination.

Move the shackle back toward you and pull up on it.

Combination Lock on One Side

Turn the dials on the lock to “000” or the last code used.

Slide the “Hartmann” nameplate to the right. You will notice the word “Open” under the plate.

Open the case and look at the back of the lock from the inside of the luggage. Locate the setting lever. This lever protrudes from the back of the lock.

Remove the washer from the lever and set it aside.

Push the lever to the side until it stops.

Spin the dials to the new combination.

Move the lever back to the starting position and reinstall the washer.

Close the case and move the “Hartmann” nameplate back to its original location.

Center Console Combination Lock

Spin the numbered dials to “0 – 0” or the current combination.

Remove the protective washer from the button to the right of the dials if the washer is still in place. Discard the washer.

Slide the button upward until it stops.

Change the combination on the dials.

Move the button back to the starting position and spin the dials to any number.