Some suitcases have built-in wheels and give you the option to push or pull your luggage. Although it's a convenient feature, normal wear and tear can cause your luggage wheels to wear and eventually require repair. You can take the luggage to a repair shop or fix the wheels yourself.

Purchase replacement wheels for your luggage. Most luggage manufacturers sell the wheels, or you can buy them from a luggage store that sells your brand. Check that all replacement wheels are identical to ensure stability.

Open your suitcase and unzip the liner to expose the nut bolts holding the screws in place.

Grip the nut bolt with a wrench from the inside and remove the screws around the wheel well with a screwdriver, turning them counter-clockwise to get them off.

Locate the small clip and push it out to remove the bolt from within the wheel. Remove the damaged wheel and dispose of it. Once broken, the wheels probably cannot be repaired.

Insert the replacement wheel in the wheel well and place a washer on each side of the wheel.

Secure the wheel in place by attaching the clip through the slot on the axle.

Position the wheel well back to the original position and tuck in any material for a neat appearance.

Secure the wheel well by screwing it back in place. Test your luggage to be sure the wheels are not crooked or wobbly.

Things You Will Need
  • Replacement wheels

  • Screwdriver