Luggage locks are one of the best ways to keep your luggage bags, trolley bags, or backpacks safe through airport security with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Three-dial padlocks, or three-combination locks, require a three-digit numeric combo to be opened. Luggage locks either come with a preset lock combination that is provided by the manufacturer or are set to a neutral digit combination like 0-0-0. Depending on the suitcase lock, there could be several different ways to change the suitcase lock code. By simple trial and error, you can personalize your luggage lock combination and change the code to one that you can easily remember.

Trial One: Reset Hole

1. Check the top, side and bottom of the lock for a reset hole on the TSA luggage lock. If there is one, set the lock to its current combination.

2. Insert either the manufacturer-provided reset tool or the end of an unfolded paper clip into the keyhole. You may have to turn the tool or paper clip 90 degrees or keep the tool pushed in to push the button while changing the combination on the number lock.

3. Slowly reset each dial to the new code. When all three dials are set, return the tool to the original position or take it out of the reset hole. Since requirements depend on the lock, you may need to try both with the clasp open and closed. After testing the new combination code, spin all three dials to secure the combination lock password.

Trial Two: Reset While Closed

1. Reset the combination while the lock is closed if there is no reset hole or reset button.

2. Enter the lock's current combination and push in on the clasp.

3. Keep the clasp pushed in and enter the new combination on the dials. Release the clasp and scramble the numbers to relock. Test to see if the new combination works.

Trial Three: Reset While Open

1. Open the lock using the previous combination if attempting to reset the combination with the clasp closed doesn't work.

2. Open the clasp until it clicks or stops, either 90 degrees or 180 degrees. Attempt to reset the combination.

3. Push down on the opened clasp and reset the combination if the combination still won't set. Release the clasp and return to the closed position.


Write your combination down in a safe place or record it online.

Some popular brands of TSA locks are American Tourister and Samsonite. You can find these bag locks on Amazon or in office supply stores.

When traveling by air, make sure that your checked-luggage locks are TSA-approved. If they can't be opened by TSA without your presence, they will be cut off.