In spite of its small size, a luggage lock can be a big help in providing you peace of mind when you travel. If you've had the same combination for a while and are ready for a change, it's quite simple to change the combination for standard small padlocks. So long as you know the original combination -- or your luggage lock is brand new and has the default combination still set -- you should be able to change it with little hassle.

Step 1.

Enter in the combination on your luggage lock.

Step 2.

Pull out the lever or "lock" portion of the luggage lock.

Step 3.

Turn the lever at a 90-degree angle, then press and hold it in place.

Step 4.

Enter in your new desired combination.

Step 5.

Let go of the lever and place it in its "closed" position.

Step 6.

Turn the dials around a few times, then enter in your new combination to test the lock.


If you're still having trouble changing your lock combination, look closely at the lock and try to determine the company that made the lock. Contact the company's customer service department for detailed instructions on changing that particular lock combination.