Connecting staterooms are popular for large families and others traveling together because they allow you to create a bigger space. You can keep the connecting door open or close and lock it for privacy. The people in your party can move between the rooms without going outside into the hallway. If you're traveling with kids, they can have their own sleeping area and restroom. Select these rooms in advance when you make your cruise booking because they often sell out quickly.

Step 1.

Choose several stateroom category options. Some cruise lines only offer connecting staterooms in certain categories or on certain decks, and connectors often sell out quickly, so you increase your chance of getting them if you are flexible. For example, you may want interior connecting rooms, but those may be sold out, or the cruise line might only have connecting rooms with portholes and verandahs.

Step 2.

Call the cruise line and tell the agent you want connecting staterooms. State your category preference and other room types you will consider if your first choice is unavailable.

Step 3.

Ask the agent to put a courtesy hold on a set of adjoining staterooms if you get a quote that sounds like it meets your needs. Cruise lines often let you hold rooms for several days without putting down a deposit. That locks in your price and room choice until you make a final decision.

Step 4.

Visit the cruise line's website, find the deck plan for the ship on which you are traveling and check the location of the connecting staterooms you placed on hold. Make sure there are no potential noise sources, like theaters or night clubs, above or below the rooms. Call back and ask the agent if connecting staterooms are available elsewhere on the ship if you spot possible problems. Check those alternatives and make a final decision.


If you are not traveling with another party, but have a large family, connecting staterooms might be cheaper than booking one large, high-capacity room. Ask the agent to compare large rooms and connectors in various categories when planning your trip.

Connecting staterooms are often more convenient and private than a large family room because you get two full bathrooms and two separate sleeping areas.