For your next national vacation, consider traveling by train. There's something about a train that has a romantic feeling; perhaps it's because trains have been used as a mode of transportation for more than two centuries, or maybe it's because you can see the sights and landscape that the US has to offer while making your way to your destination. If you do plan on using train as your means of travel, Amtrak offers national service and even features sleeper cars for more comfort on long, overnight trips.

Phone: Amtrak Sleeper Car Reservation

Make a reservation for a sleeper car with Amtrak via telephone. Dial 800-USA-RAIL (800-872-7245) to book your tickets and make arrangements for a sleeper car.

Online: Amtrak Sleeper Car Reservation

Make a reservation for a sleeper car with Amtrak online. Visit the Amtrak website and find the ticketing option now at the top of the screen.

Select your departing city, destination city, the date of your travel and the number of occupants who will be traveling.

A list of available seating options will be displayed. If a sleeper car is available for the trip you want to book, a "Buy Rooms" icon will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the "Buy Rooms" icon and select the type of room you want to book.

On Train: Amtrak Sleeper Car Reservation

As a frequent Amtrak rider, you may ask to upgrade your current seating option to a sleeper car once on board the train. Though the chances that a sleeping car will be available are slim, it is possible. A fellow passenger explained you can get a discount if you wait till evening and approach the conductor.

If you are able to upgrade to a sleeper car, you will be charge accordingly. And, for myself, the best sleep I had on the train were the evenings I was able to upgrade to a sleeper car.


It is suggested that you make arrangements for a sleeper car well in advance of your travels to ensure availability of a car.

Meals are included with sleeper cars as are a number of hotel-like amenities, including fresh linens, bottled water and daily newspapers.

Bonus Tip from a cross-country Amtrak rider

Sleep is the most difficult thing to find on a long-haul Amtrak rail trip. For myself, ‌finding a stable incline sleeping position‌ were the few times I slept. Trains will stop at anytime, and often overnight if you in the midwest. Have ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones because children and toddlers will make noise. Some travelers bring eye masks. For me, wearing a hoodie or a cap often help block out the lights.