Bringing the right children’s equipment when flying with a youngster can make the difference between struggling through the airport and strolling with ease, child and carry-on items at a safe grasp. An umbrella stroller offers a comfortable ride for your child throughout the airport and provides a canopy to protect your child from inclement weather while at your destination. You can collapse the stroller for stowing during the flight.

Conduct research on the official website of the airline you are flying on or speak with an airline customer service representative before your flight to gain information on check-in policies for strollers. Find out whether children’s baggage counts toward your overall baggage allowance or carry-on allowance. Print the airline policy to show representatives at the check-in counter as a precaution to resolve discrepancies that might arise.

Fold the umbrella stroller and place in its original packaging or in a box, if checking it in as check-in baggage at the ticketing counter. Add Styrofoam padding to the box to protect the stroller from breaking or getting damaged from movement that occurs during baggage handling, stowing or baggage claim processes. Secure the box shut with shipping tape and label the box “Fragile” in multiple areas.

Collapse the umbrella stroller while approaching the security checkpoint, if you plan on using it while in the airport and need it upon exiting the plane. Place the stroller on the conveyer belt to go through the X-ray machine with other carry-on items.

Use the stroller while in the airport. Remove your child and collapse the stroller to gate-check it with a flight attendant when entering the jetway to board the plane. Keep the gate check baggage tag that the flight attendant hands you so you can claim your umbrella stroller. The baggage attendants will stow your stroller before the flight takes off and will present it to you upon exiting the aircraft.