Your child's nebulizer is an important piece of your traveling equipment that you need to make sure you have it available during your trip. The Transportation Security Administration considers nebulizers to be medical equipment for support of a "hidden disability," and as such, you don't have to pack your kid's nebulizer in checked luggage. Regardless of whether you are flying to your destination, you can take several steps to make it easier to travel with your child's nebulizer.

Think Small: Travel Nebulizer

To make travel more convenient, consider purchasing a travel nebulizer. These small, hand-held versions of the devices are compact, making them easy to fit into your purse or travel bag. They usually run on AA batteries, so you don't have to worry about finding a plug. They also are quiet and effective, so you can feel comfortable using them anywhere that you and your child can sit for a few moments.

Pack It Up

Pack your child's nebulizer in your carry-on luggage. Prevent damage to the device by keeping it with you, plus you never know when a travel delay could make it necessary to give your child a breathing treatment before you have reached your destination. Pack the medications in 3-oz. packages when possible, then store them inside plastic zipper bags to prevent spills.

Go Through Airport Security

When you arrive at the security checkpoint, let the agents know that you have a nebulizer and associated medications in your carry-on bag. Plan a few extra moments for getting through security because your child's nebulizer and medications will likely be inspected by hand. If you have any concerns about your child's medications or nebulizer, contact the Transportation Safety Administration before traveling for assistance.

Keep It Safe

Keep your child's nebulizer with you at all times, preferably protected in its carrying case. Make sure that your name and contact information is clearly labeled on the nebulizer in case you misplace it during your travel. Take steps to ensure that the medications for the nebulizer are kept insulated from extreme temperatures and that you have the name of a pharmacy at your destination where you can replace any lost or spilled medication upon arrival.

Keep It Powered

Carry additional batteries for the nebulizer in case of loss or damage. If you will be traveling by car, look for a portable nebulizer that has a DC adapter so that you can plug it into the car's lighter. If you are traveling overseas, you will need to make sure that you have both a voltage converter and a plug adapter if your child's nebulizer must be plugged in to operate.