Preparing for international flights by storing prescription drugs safely and providing proof of necessary prescribed drugs can make the difference between problematic and heath-conscious travel. Take precautions before your trip to ensure that you comply with international customs requirements and that you have enough medication to last the duration of your stay abroad. Plan ahead so that you can travel without focusing on your ailment and medicine.

Obtain a letter from your prescribing physician that explains your medical conditions, the prescribed drugs that you are carrying on board your international flight and the physician’s contact information. Keep the letter in your carry-on luggage to present at security checkpoints and customs upon request.

Store your prescription medications in the original, labeled containers inside one compartment of your carry-on or in a plastic, zip-lock bag. Make sure the name on the container matches the name on your passport and identification to avoid having to explain discrepancies.

Store your prescriptions in your carry-on bag to prevent losing them if your checked baggage is delayed or lost. Pack back-up prescriptions in your carry-on bag in case of an emergency or extended international stay.

Wear a medical alert bracelet that states your conditions, medicines, treatment and physician’s contact information. This acts as a reference for international flight attendants and doctors if you become unconscious or are unable to explain your condition during an emergency.

Things You Will Need
  • Physician letter

  • Carry-on bag

  • Plastic, zipper-lock bag

  • Back up prescriptions

  • Medical alert bracelet