Traveling with an infant is stressful enough without having to worry about baby supplies and security checkpoints. You can bring ample amounts of the milk you will need on the flight through security. You have the choice of letting your bottles go through the scanner or be manually inspected.

X-Ray Effects on Milk and Inspection

The Health Psychics Society, which studies the effects of radiation, says that it's safe to bring bottles through the X-ray machines used in airports because the minute amounts of radiation from such things as airport scanners and medical diagnostic procedures do not harm breast milk. There's no need to worry about a bottle of your baby's milk passing through the X-ray machine. While it's normal procedure to put the milk on the conveyor belt, you can ask Transportation Security Administration officers to visually inspect your baby supplies. Staff is trained to handle these requests.

Carrying Limits for Milk

While the TSA places limits of 3.4 ounces on most limits, some specialty items such as breast milk, baby formula and food and medications can be carried through security in larger quantities. You also do not have to place them in zip-top bags, but remember to declare them when you reach the security checkpoint. Officers may open your items, including milk bottles to conduct additional screening measures. The TSA advises carrying only what you need for your baby's comfort during the flight. Pack larger amounts of baby supplies in checked luggage.

Breast vs. Cow Milk

While the TSA lets you carry breast milk through security you're not supposed to bring cow milk past the checkpoint. To stay on the right side of regulations, buy cow millk in a convenience store in your terminal to use on the flight. You can also often get milk during beverage service on the flight.

Breast Feeding on the Plane

It's best to contact your airline before flying on their policy concerning breastfeeding on a plane. That way if there are any questions once you are on the plane you can pull out a printed copy of the email for clarity. Generally speaking, you won't be bothered, but take certain precautions first. Wear button-up clothing that makes breastfeeding an easier task. Try to sit by the window to increase your privacy and bring a cover-up or ask a flight attendant for a blanket to be more discreet.