Every state in the United States has its own regulations for trailer towing, and Arizona is no exception. When operating any recreational vehicle—whether yours is a truck and fifth-wheel trailer, a truck and travel trailer or a motor home pulling a towed car—highway safety laws certainly affect you. Knowing the comparatively uncomplicated trailer towing laws of the Grand Canyon State can only enhance your journey.

Length, Width, Height

The size limitations for towing a trailer in Arizona are as follows. The height cannot exceed 13.5 feet. The width limit is 8.5 feet.

Length limits are specific if less straightforward. For a trailer, 40 feet is the maximum. For a motor home, 45 feet is the maximum length allowed. However, the combined length of the vehicle that is towing and the vehicle or vehicles being towed cannot exceed 65 feet. Triple towing is permitted but only under certain circumstances. You can triple tow with a fifth wheel trailer, provided the overall length of all three vehicles is 65 feet or less.

Brakes and Weight

A trailer that has an unladen weight, meaning an as-delivered from the factory weight with empty tanks and without any personal goods loaded in, of 3,000 pounds or more must have trailer brakes. A breakaway switch is a requirement on trailers that weigh more than 3,000 pounds.

Trailer Passengers

Arizona is one of only 11 states in the United States that permits riding in all of the following: a towed fifth wheel trailer, a travel trailer and a pickup camper.

State Rest Areas

Overnight parking is permitted in state rest areas only where posted and provided the state rest area is open. In Arizona as of 2010, 13 of the state’s 18 rest areas that are operated by Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) are closed. The following are reported as open by Arizona Vacation Planner:

Sentinel: Interstate Highway 8 between Gila Bend and Dateland Burnt Well: Interstate Highway 10 between Buckeye and Tonopah Texas Canyon: Interstate Highway 10 between Benson and Willcox Sunset Point: Interstate Highway 17 between Phoenix and Camp Verde Painted Cliffs: Interstate Highway 40 near the state border with New Mexico