=The state of Texas requires an annual safety inspection for most vehicles. The inspection, which analyzes a variety of features for safety, must be performed by a state authorized and licensed inspector. It costs a reasonable inspection fee of $7 for trailers. Most automobile service shops offer state inspections, but to look for more inspection stations near you, visit https://www.dps.texas.gov/rsd/vi/VIactiveStationLocator/default.aspx

No Weighing Required

Registered trailers with a gross weight or registered gross weight of 4,500 pounds or less are not required to have inspections. Texas Department of Motor Vehicles classifies it as empty weight, which is normally indicated on the title. Otherwise, the trailer can be weighed at a DMV certified weigh station.

Texas Law

Travel trailers or campers over 4,500 pounds receive inspection annually. Trailer owners should display a current inspection sticker on a window at or near the left front side of the trailer.

Vehicle Inspection Requirements

A travel trailer inspection differs from that of motorized vehicles. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, motorhomes are inspected for brakes, tires, wheel assembly, safety guards or flaps (if there are four tires or more on the rear axle), two tail lights, two brake lights, one license plate lamp, rear red reflectors, turn signal lights, clearance lights, side marker lights, side reflectors, and a serial or vehicle identification number. Be sure to check and see if your county requires an additional emissions test, as it’s not required in all Texas counties. By inspecting these features ahead of time and resolving any issues, owners can avoid trouble with law enforcement.