If you ran out of time, didn’t have the money or forgot to purchase your souvenir photos before you left Six Flags Amusement Park for the day, don’t fret. You have 30 days after your visit to purchase your favorite photographs online. In fact, if you lost your photo claim card, Six Flags will even search for your photos based on the information you provide so you can still purchase them after you have left the park.

Visit mysixflagsphotos.com. Sign in if you are a returning customer by entering your email address and password and clicking "Sign In.: If you are a new customer, you will register after entering your photo id number.

Enter your photo identification number, which is found on the back of the photo claim card that the photographer at the park gave you when you had your pictures taken. Click "Register."

Register your account by entering your name and email address. Then, create a password. Six Flags requires registration so you and the people you give the password to are the only ones who can access the account. Six Flags can also then contact you if necessary.

Click "Can't Find My Your Photo ID Card" if you do not have the photo claim card or if some of your photos are missing. Provide information, such as the picture date, the approximate time the photo was taken and the number of people in the photo. Also, in the provided box, type in other information that will help Six Flags locate your exact photos, such as the clothes worn and ages and gender of the people in the photo. If possible, upload a picture of some or all of the people in the photo as well. Six Flags will contact you via email when they find your photo or to inquire further about your pictures.

Select the pictures you wish to purchase by clicking the corresponding boxes next to the photos. If desired, add a border and crop photos by using the editing tools. Then, select the package you want for each photo by clicking the corresponding packages next to each photo.

Verify your cart and checkout the same as you would for any online purchase. Enter such information as your credit card number, expiration date and mailing address.