It is not possible to renew a Thai passport; rather, you need to renew it. The Thai passport, called an e-passport, requires citizens to submit an old passport, an Thai identity card with a 13-digit identification number, a passport application and the consular fee. The difference between an e-passport and a regular passport is that it include biometric data such as finger prints and is automatically readable. If applicants are under 20 years old, parents must also submit their passports, marriage certificate and the child's birth certificate. Thai citizens living in the United States can renew their passports at the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C., or at one of the Thai consulates or honorary consuls.

Royal Thai Embassy

The Royal Thai Embassy in Washington accepts applications for e-passports from Thai citizens who hold a current Thai passport and Thai identity card or Thai house registration. It is necessary to show up in person at the embassy to record your biometric data for the e-passport. Once completed, it may take up to two months to receive the new passport.

Royal Thai Consulate-General Los Angeles

Applicants living on the west coast can apply at the Los Angeles Consulate-General. Make an appointment on the consulate-general's website to have your biometric data taken. Once you turn in your e-passport application and supporting material, allow six to eight weeks to receive your new passport. You may receive your passport by mail or in-person with your receipt from payment of the consular fee.

Royal Thai Consulate-General Chicago

The Thai Consulate-General Chicago also accepts biometric data and e-passport applications. Just as in Los Angeles, passports may be picked up in person or mailed to recipients. In your absence, you can send a representative to pick up your passport who must hold your receipt with notification of e-Passport pick-up date and your Thai identity card.

Royal Thai Consulate-General New York

Thai nationals living in New England can visit Thailand's Consulate-General in New York for e-passport applications. The process is the same as in Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago. After submitting your application, fee, old passport, identity card and biometric data, you can pick up your passport on the date shown on your receipt. If you are traveling imminently and cannot wait for your permanent passport, all Thai embassies and consulates will issue a temporary passport with documents proving the applicant’s Thai nationality or Residential Registration documents such as Thai Citizenship Card and House Registration. Once you receive your regular e-passport, the temporary passport will be automatically canceled.

Honorary Consulate-Generals

If you do not live close enough to a Thai embassy or consulate, you may visit a Thai honorary consulate-general to have your biometric data recorded for an e-passport. Honorary consulate-generals are located in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Puerto Rico. The Thai Embassy provides location and contact information for each of these honorary consuls.